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Tara Gillespie (b.1983, Baltimore, MD) is an abstract artist with a passion for contemporary art. In 2018 she started mixing her own acrylic paints and experimenting with resin, amongst other materials, and her practice has evolved since. Her studio is based in Timonium, MD.

“Throughout my life I’ve created visual art, films, and written works. However, it wasn’t until I began mixing acrylics and discovered resin that I realized this was the medium I’d been searching for. Fluid art gives me spontaneity, peace, and immediate satisfaction. My intention as I pour is to let go of my pre-conceived ideas, to be patient with the process, and to allow the paint to be my director. In this way, each piece is organic and unique as replication is impossible. As my flow art matured, I realized it had to be shared with others. If you’re looking for something magical, I believe you’ve come to the right place.”

Tara has recently joined the fine art festival circuit participating in The American Craft Made Convention 2022. Select pieces of her work are currently on display, and available for purchase, in the Femme Fatale DC store in Washington DC. She also reveals her techniques in her studio offering in-person acrylic paint pouring classes for adults and children. Past events include VisArts Rockville Fine Arts Festival, FaerieCon, The Chevy Chase Fine Art Festival, a 2019 pop-up art exhibition titled “Blurred Boundaries,” Karmafest, and the RAW Artists Baltimore Showcase.  Upcoming exhibitions/events will be announced on this website and on her instagram (@taragill_art) as they are confirmed.

Artist Statement
My artistic vision is to capture the mystery and beauty of dreams to inspire feeling and offer escape. I call my work “Dream Topography” because I exploit the properties of paint and resin to make ethereal works that mimic and transcend reality. Dreams alone are abstract and curious. In entertaining our dreams we are engaging in fantasy, often seeking distraction or relief from unpleasant realities. In viewing my work I want to invite people to escape their realities and embrace their reveries. Each piece is multidimensional for this purpose. Through observation you are encouraged to wander with your eyes, seemingly falling into a daydream.